Sunday, September 9, 2012

My daughter is simply begging me to I will write while it is on my mind. Of course, several things rumble through my mind -- like all the things I have missed writing about since January, the fact that my birthday was yesterday and the same incredible daughter fixed me breakfast in bed and bought me a giftcard just to make me feel special...IT WORKED!! She is a fantastic person at the ripe, old age of not-even 10!! Her big 10th birthday is coming...I hope she feels as incredible special as I did yesterday! Even just a bit...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I have accepted a J-O-B!!!

Not sure how I think I can do this...I have accepted a J-O-B! Yes, a job! One that I have actually had for the past 9+ years -- but I intend to take it seriously now. No, really serious!! My husband and I have chosen to homeschool our children -- this leaves very little time for getting things done like the "normal" mother of three. Yes, this job requires interrupted trips to the bathroom and selfless acts of releasing the last cookie to the highest pleader. ...possibly breaking into thirds-maybe fourths if I really do want a bite!

Yes, I am babbling...not sure how to write "negative" about a job that I love!! ...but I am serious about the part of accepting my responsibilities as a wife and mother of 3. I will set my alarm, shower (most days) and do my best to complete the task at hand for the day. My kids might not like it, but they know I love them. This makes me smile!! THEY make me smile!!

It feels great to know the direction the Lord has for our day -- and move forward with diligence and accept the "flight". I pray for very little turbulence...bumps don't work well in my day but are inevitable. My husband and I want what is best for our children and fully intend to raise strong leaders -- sure of who they are and that their life has a significant purpose.

I could go on for much longer and might add to this more this week for my own satisfaction of telling the world "I love my life!! My husband is incredible!! My children amaze me!! Lord, You are so good to me!"

Better go set that alarm!! :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012


INCREDIBLE!! I actually remembered my username and password for this blog!! Glad I did...didn't want to have to start all over! I hope to get on here more often and keep a diary of sorts to look back on. It has been fun looking over the bit I have put on here in the past. Too bad I don't have some wonderful projects to share. Tomorrow begins some hardcore homeschool at our home. New schedules in hand -- with check-off sheets so no one gets out of subjects to play on wii or the like. THIS WILL BE FUN!! Really!! :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Cannot imagine it is almost Thanksgiving!! I have found some peace in knowing the holiday is pretty much all about giving thanks and eating!!! So, we can share our heart of thanks without much preparation and food is always about! I need to gear up for Black Friday shopping...not sure I want to head out but always get inspired when the day finally rolls around. In less than two weeks our Christmas tree will be up and the joys of celebrating Jesus' birth with literally be all around me in my home. Kevin has begun hanging Christmas lights as of yesterday and his schedule is filling up fast. I love that Christmas ends the year -- I suppose it has always distracted my mind from the fact that yet another year has passed me by. Don't get me wrong, I look forward to heaven with much anticipation for many reasons but the Lord has blessed my life in such incredible ways. I am reminded that each day is a INCREDIBLE gift! This is just one thing that I am thankful for!!

What are you thankful for?!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a blast Memorial Day weekend! Friday night had friends over and stayed up entirely too late!! You'd think we would pay attention to time with 8 children between the two families!! Saturday afternoon we met some friends at their land and got to ride horses, go for hay ride, shoot guns, fish, pick wild blackberries, roast marshmallows and make s'mores!! Way too much fun for me!! Huge Blessing!! The kids were wiped out!

Sunday was church and all three children went home with Gammie and! Kevin and I made a day of work out rather than follow the command to rest and finished the day eating chips with homemade salsa and watching the finale of Lost.
Finally, Monday we had GG, Gammie and Papa over for bbq and they returned the children! After they went home, the kids headed back outside for more fun on the slip 'n slide. Not sure how the video clip got turned sideways, but it was worth another watch to me!! We need weekends like this more often!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Preston!!

Wow!! How does life carry me along so swiftly! How do I allow such "major" milestones to come and go like another something to check off? My son Preston turned 6 years old...when did he get to be six years old?? I feel like I have missed about five years of his life and they are completely over!! Must review pictures...must enjoy him being a little boy and still wanting "Mama" when life hurts. Oh dear...

His 6th birthday was celebrated first with cousins from Minnesota and his Aunt Theresa (my sister) and Uncle Malcolm and soon to follow with several emails/phonecalls. What a joy and blessing! Thank You, Lord! I am hoping the sweetness of that day just might get the Oatmans to think of moving closer to us!! Warroad, Minnesota (Canadian boarder) just doesn't have much to offer but boy o' boy we would love to be closer to all of them!!
We then had more celebration with a few friends over to decorate cupcakes (yes, Susan, my floors have yet to be cleaned!!) and enjoy the afternoon playing Wii -- Batman and Star Wars . I'm not so sure anything else would have been as much fun. I know Preston felt super special and that is all that needed to happen on this particular day. Big thanks to Blake, Sarah, Mary Beth, Sydney and Mrs. Susan!! Biggest thanks to Jesus!!

So...he turned six and a few days later lost his first tooth. We had quite a week! And to top it all off the tooth fairy was running does a parent sooth a six year old that just lost his first tooth that the tooth fairy just must be running late? Acckkk!!! He handled it like a champ!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Plan "B"

Kids really are hysterical!! Like today, Brooke comes to me shaking her head with a comb stuck at the roots of the top of her head. She said she was trying to curl her hair...oh dear! Daddy to the rescue...should have gotten a picture! Thankfully, we saved most of the hair but the comb was destroyed in the process of removing it from the glitches of her roots!! :)

Anyway, it really is funny after the point...we had some friends over last week that played outdoors for a good part of the day and really wanted to run through the sprinkler but I was unconvinced it was really warm enough for that. After a few moments of silence, they returned with "Plan B"! Since they were not able to play in the sprinklers, could we "use the bath tub as a pool and play with swimsuits on?"!! It really seemed harmless and actually a push on me to get my bathroom floors cleaned -- fully aware that much water would be left on the floor. They were tickled when the answer was positive. Cracks me up!! As an adult person, how much fun is THAT?? Girls went first. Then the boys...good plan since the boys definately left a bigger puddle than the girls. THANK YOU, GIRLS!! :)